An Open Letter to My Future Students at Ardrey Kell High School

As we approach a new year of the excursion that is learning, the anticipation in the air is almost suffocating from all of the opportunities ahead. To the students who are joining my class this year, I am more than excited to be given the chance of having you take this journey that is literature with you. To the students who have been in my class previous years, I can only anticipate the nostalgic joy that I will have seeing you return to Ardrey Kell for another fantastic year. Finally, to my colleagues, it is nothing short of an incredible gift working in the best school in CMS and with you. As I stated in my previous open letter:

So let us go, you and I, into the deepest chasms of literature as old as Shakespeare, the unfathomable depths of our perception of the world as we analyze Edgar Allen Poe, all while exploring new cultures such as ones from Sudan to South America. I am more than confident to state that if you give a strong and diligent work ethic, and your best effort, you will be fantastically successful. It’ll be nothing short of an absolute privilege to guide you through the wondrous and fantastically exciting journey into the endless endeavor of literature.


I cannot express the level of gratitude that I have given such an incredible role in your journey this year. Thank you.


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Lord of the Flies

Romeo and Juliet