Updated: Feb 10, 2019

"The Tortoise and the Hare"

  1. Annotate diction used to characterize the Hare.

  2. Annotate examples of figurative language and label them in the margins.

  3. Annotate the statement or action that leads to a shift in the advancement of the narrative.

  4. Highlight the line that most closely identifies the central idea.

  5. Compose a short summary of the events below the passage.

"As His Head Sank Deep"

  1. Annotate the plot components (exposition, rising action, climax, etc.) in the margins.

  2. Annotate examples of figurative language and label them in the margins.

  3. Compose a sentence explaining how the boy began to feel at the end of the passage. Draw arrows to the evidence that supports your statement.

  4. Summarize the action of this short fiction in the space below the passage.

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

“Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”

  1. Underline the sentence that most closely functions as the central idea in each paragraph. Summarize this sentence in the margin. If the paragraph does not contain a clear sentence relating the central idea to the reader, compose a short central idea in the margin.

  2. Highlight and annotate specific details which characterize Mr. Utterson, Mr. Enfield, and the man who knocks down the girl. Write a brief character description for each character in the margin.

  3. Annotate the uses of simile in the last paragraph. Compose a brief statement in the margin explaining the impact of the simile.

  4. Stevenson places clear emphasis on establishing irony in the text. In nearly every paragraph, the author provides details about settings, characters, and events that seem to contrast what the reader might expect.

  • a. Highlight as many examples of irony as you can find. Jot the contrast in the margin (“dusty, dreary” yet “lovable” -from the first sentence)

  • b. Compose a sentence at the end of the narrative which suggests what the impact of irony might be.

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

“Ethan Frome”

1. Highlight and annotate diction that reveals Ethan's motivation for his change in behavior. Compose a sentence describing this motivation.

  • Underline diction that reveals Zeena's feelings about this change. Briefly summarize why she feels this way.

  • Based on the narrative, do you believe Mattie is knowledgable about Ethan's feelings? Explain your reasoning.

2.  Annotate instances of imagery throughout the passage. Beneath the passage, explain the significance of a specific image to the author's central idea.

3. Chunk the sections of the text where the author employs flashback. What event is Ethan watching in the present day?

“Snake Boy”

1. Highlight and annotate details that characterize Anpao. Explain how he differs from the brothers, and circle details that illustrate this difference.

2. Underline details of the setting. In a short paragraph, explain the significance of the desert to the theme.

3. Describe the mood of the folk-tale in one word. Circle diction from the passage that the author uses to establish the mood.


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